Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Week in Instagrams.

Here’s a little look at what I did this week (:
Monday consisted of relaxing… Chamomile tea, Mockingjay (no, I STILL haven’t finished it… I keep crying & having to stop), & a bubble bath.

Game night with Laker - I dominated at Blackjack.

I wore a dress.

We got a new 42” flat screen TV.

More games… Laker beat me at Yahtzee. This picture is actually him in the process of rolling a Yahtzee.

I wore another dress.

I made mint chocolate chip cookies.

Laker was really cute & sent me a text during game night, even though we were in the same room.

Eddie & Hannah at game night.

4th of July! The first picture was supposed to show off that the sides of my hair were braided back, but you can’t really tell.

Hannah & I on our way to the Wheelers’ apartment to watch Fireworks!

The Oklahoma City fireworks show… We got to watch from the roof (:

My mom came to visit & brought Laker & I Lord of the Rings t-shirts! Poor Sean Bean… Can’t even make it onto a t-shirt without getting killed.

The nails from my wedding (over a month ago) have been refusing to come off. Everyone kept telling me to soak them in acetone. It did nothing. I had to soak cotton in this weird gel stuff, put it on my nail, wrap it in foil, & peel off the nails layer by layer. It took me 4 hours to get one hand free. The moral of the story, kids, is do NOT get solar nails.

After my pinky & index nails finally came off…

Sweet freedom!

We stayed the night in Duncan (Laker’s hometown) on Friday & were pleasantly surprised with more wedding gifts.

Saturday morning, Laker’s mom made us breakfast.

Then she took us thrifting & insisted on paying for all of our treasures… A few new owls for my collection, some lace & old books for craft projects, some sewing patterns, an Alice in Wonderland VHS, & a few other things that aren’t in the photo.

She also bought me this scarf from a little boutique downtown.

Later, Laker’s extended family came over to swim & have a cookout. I adore his entire family (:

& then we found out that Kathryn’s autocorrect is a slut & corrects “have” to “ubersexual.”

Have a lovely week!

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