Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Week in Instagrams.

Here’s a little look at what I did this week (:
Monday consisted of relaxing… Chamomile tea, Mockingjay (no, I STILL haven’t finished it… I keep crying & having to stop), & a bubble bath.

Game night with Laker - I dominated at Blackjack.

I wore a dress.

We got a new 42” flat screen TV.

More games… Laker beat me at Yahtzee. This picture is actually him in the process of rolling a Yahtzee.

I wore another dress.

I made mint chocolate chip cookies.

Laker was really cute & sent me a text during game night, even though we were in the same room.

Eddie & Hannah at game night.

4th of July! The first picture was supposed to show off that the sides of my hair were braided back, but you can’t really tell.

Hannah & I on our way to the Wheelers’ apartment to watch Fireworks!

The Oklahoma City fireworks show… We got to watch from the roof (:

My mom came to visit & brought Laker & I Lord of the Rings t-shirts! Poor Sean Bean… Can’t even make it onto a t-shirt without getting killed.

The nails from my wedding (over a month ago) have been refusing to come off. Everyone kept telling me to soak them in acetone. It did nothing. I had to soak cotton in this weird gel stuff, put it on my nail, wrap it in foil, & peel off the nails layer by layer. It took me 4 hours to get one hand free. The moral of the story, kids, is do NOT get solar nails.

After my pinky & index nails finally came off…

Sweet freedom!

We stayed the night in Duncan (Laker’s hometown) on Friday & were pleasantly surprised with more wedding gifts.

Saturday morning, Laker’s mom made us breakfast.

Then she took us thrifting & insisted on paying for all of our treasures… A few new owls for my collection, some lace & old books for craft projects, some sewing patterns, an Alice in Wonderland VHS, & a few other things that aren’t in the photo.

She also bought me this scarf from a little boutique downtown.

Later, Laker’s extended family came over to swim & have a cookout. I adore his entire family (:

& then we found out that Kathryn’s autocorrect is a slut & corrects “have” to “ubersexual.”

Have a lovely week!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th!

Here's what I wore to celebrate our independence!


Here are some photos from our honeymoon! We went to Eureka Springs, Arkansas & stayed at the Grand Treehouse Resort. I highly recommend it!

We went to a Czech-German restaurant called the Bavarian Inn one evening for dinner. We clean up quite nicely, if I do say so myself.

 This is Thorncrown Chapel. It's made completely out of wood - no steel bars, etc. 

Razorback Observation Tower

I had to stop to take a breather... So many stairs! My little heart just couldn't handle it.

The view from the top.

Another breather on the way down... Laker decided to try his hand at photography.

This store (East by West) had working bunnies! They hand out change, receipts, pens, & your package. This bunny's name was Snoopy (: Too cute.

Downtown Eureka Springs... Tons of fun little shops. There was also a crazy talented banjo player that we saw on a couple of different days. I wish I had gotten a video.

There was also an Alice in Wonderland bench downtown.

This is the Christ of the Ozarks statue, which is one of the things Eureka Springs is known for. We didn't go see the Passion Play, but we did make a point to visit the statue.

This is the view from the statue point.

We had a really great trip - Very quiet & relaxing, which is exactly what we needed after all of the stress of moving & wedding planning!

xoxo - Sydney