Sunday, July 1, 2012

Please be praying.

Hey guys (:

Please be praying for my cousin Kamiya.  She is 4-years-old & she has MRSA, which is a type of staph infection that is resistant to antibiotics.  She goes back to the hospital tomorrow...  We're not sure how bad it is.

My aunt has the same kind of staph infection.  It got into her bone, & she's had several unsuccessful surgeries.  This kind of staph infection is drawn to metal, so any kind of implants/etc. are a bad idea.  She's most likely going to have her leg amputated from the hip down pretty soon.

Please pray for my aunt, but also for my cousin, & that this infection doesn't spread to her bone.  This must be very scary for my aunt, as an adult.  I don't know what it would be like for a 4-year-old girl to have something like this.  She's normally a very active, energetic little girl, but right now, she can't walk normally because the infection is in her thigh/hip area.  If it spreads at all, the doctors said it will be pretty bad news.

Another small request: I, as well as a couple of other members of my family, have had staph infection before.  Mine was a different type, & I had it drained & I was fine.  But after having it once, you are always a carrier, & you're more likely to get it again.  So please pray for me & my other family members, that we won't get it again, & that no one else will get it.

I can't imagine how scary things are for Miya.  She's going to be visiting doctors & hospitals, & that's scary at any age.  Please, please be praying.

xoxo - Sydney

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